Tioga Undercover Stratum CrMo saddle
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A flexible foundation for unparalleled shock absorption.

The spring-like base of the Undercover compresses when absorbing shock and quickly rebounds for continuous shock absorption.Made from proprietary material formulated for high resiliency, the SpyderWeb shell is a finely tuned suspension component designed to that remains active, soaking up bump after bump.


More cushion where you want it.
Less padding where you need it.

The area between our sit bones, the perineal region, is an area with sensitive tissues, nerves and blood vessels that cannot endure pressure. Applied pressure in this sensitive zone over time can reduce blood flow, cause numbness and possibility of nerve damage, so proper isolation from excess pressure in this region is essential.

Conversely, our sit bones naturally support the body’s weight when seated. With its surrounding tissues being mostly fat and muscles, the area is capable of sustaining high pressure naturally, with little external cushioning. Thick padding underneath the sit bones adds pressure to the perineal because as the sit bones push down on the pad, the surrounding padding is pushed up and into the sensitive areas.

The surface above the rail receptacles are generally the most rigid points on the saddle’s seating surface. While these areas are not typical seating areas, should riding maneuvers shift sitting position over these points, even for brief moments, it will certainly feel harsh without proper cushioning.

Bio X-Pad is uniquely sculpted with extra cushioning in the mid-section to properly insulate the sensitive areas, and thinly padded underneath the sit bones to prevent excess padding from bunching up against places it shouldn’t. And to soften up the most rigid points of the seating surface, BIO X-Pad places extra padding around the rail receptacles to cushion potential impacts.


It all comes down to shape

Perhaps the most important aspect in the saddle’s overall comfort is its shape.The Undercover Stratum is 140mm wide to properly support most sit bone widths, while still narrow enough not to disrupt pedaling motion and fore/aft movement.

The saddle’s seating surface is designed more flat (less side-to-side curvature), and with a slight central groove so that when seated, there’s sufficient spacing in the center to minimize pressure on the perineal region.

In concert with shock absorbing base suspension technologies, Bio X-Pad cushioning system and performance oriented shape, the Undercover Stratum redefines performance comfort.

Colour: black
Rails: Cromo
Size: 285mmx140mm
Weight: 209gr
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  • L. Emmanuel
  •  the 01/02/2019
  • 5/5
Le bonheur du postérieur! Je trouve même mieux que la Spyder par son revêtement moins salissant que le grillage nu de la Spyder. La souplesse de la trame en toile d’araignée donne un confort vraiment exceptionnel, surtout en semi rigide.