Ax Lightness Leaf 3K saddle

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ax Leaf 3K - redesign in perfection

Ax Lightness proudly presents the next evolution of their super comfortable ax Leaf and Leaf II saddles.. 

Their maxime was to maintain the highly acclaimed features of the Leaf. The further development focused in the first place on the monocoque saddle rails with dimensions of 8x10mm, whose special fiber orientation ensure a more even load distribution. The saddle rails are compatible with most seatposts without modification. For seatposts with sideward rail clamping specific clamping kits for oversize saddle rails are mostly available separately from the seatpost manufacturer.

The saddle shell remained unchanged and thus still offers excellent flex. Extremely flat and wide, the Leaf is ergonomically designed for sportive seating positions. The cutout relieves the perineal area, improves the blood circulation and offers the highest level of comfort even with extreme seating positions. With its puristics appearance, the Leaf as well as Leaf II can play its skills both on the road and as well as in the dirt.

Despite of its lights weight of only 85 g, the Leaf 3K are certified to ISO- / EN standard and approved for riders up to 100 kg. Leaf 3K is 100% handmade in our manufactory in Duderstadt, Lower Saxony!

Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 54 mm
Saddle shell: 100% Carbon with Aramid rovings
Saddle rails: 8 x 10 mm vertically oval
Range of adjustment: 75 mm
Carbon finish: 3K
Intended use: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB XC, Road
Rider weight limit: 100 kg
Weight (+ / - 5 %): 85 g