Wolftooth headset cap (with integrated spacer)

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9,99 €
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9,99 €
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This new stem cap is where your bike fashion sense and the weight weenie in you collide... light, sexy and with a Wolf on it.  What more could you ask for in a stem cap?

 Product Details: This product was developed to provide a clean and ultra lightweight stem cap solution.  It was designed specifically for carbon steering tubes that require 5mm of spacer above the stem but it will work for anybody that prefers not to cut their steering tube to the minimum height. Extensive machining for lowest weight, 7075 aluminum for strength. Includes high-quality aluminum bolt.

Total weight (cap + bolt): 10 grams (compare to a standard stem cap and steel bolt at 20 grams)

Tighten cap bolt just enough to remove play from bearings.