MCFK MTB carbon rim 25mm (29er)

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UD - matte coating

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The target of the development was nothing less than providing the best rim for fast and light-weight bikes. Nothing but the best. 
For this purpose, MCFK matched every parameter, every detail of the rim meticulously and did their utmost to develop the very finest for you. 

Carbon for the rim 
In contrast with aluminium, the advantage of carbon is that it stays in form. Thus, recentering, height and lateral runouts are things of the past. Once spoked properly, the wheel will not change shape or run. 

Multiple layer design 
No two types of carbon are alike. The layer design is the decisive aspect – the orientation of the fiber is the most important thing in any part made of carbon. For this reason, MCFK uses a complex mixture of fabric and unidirectional (UD) layers which are positioned exactly in the right direction to ensure that they get the best performance of the material and leave no potential unused. 

Monocoque design 
Avoiding weak points was one of the central focal points in the development. Whereas our competitors make the rim by bonding several parts together, this rim is laminated of a single piece and cured. This involves a higher input of time and effort and requires extensive know-how but adds stability, saves weight and produces a homogeneous rim. 

35 mm outside width 
The wider the rim profile, the higher the lateral stiffness of the wheel. 
The flexural rigidity increases disproportionately (to the third power) of the width of the profile. This oversize rim profile on downhill rim level obtains stiffness never before attained with wheels of this weight class. 

29 mm height 
To ensure high radial stiffness of the rim, a profile of sufficient height is needed to avoid radial load such as root carpets, bumps and bottoming from causing local bends and loss of tension of spokes. 

3.5 mm asymmetry 
A very important aspect of the outstanding stability of the MCFK wheels is the distinct asymmetry of 3.5 mm. 3.5 mm asymmetry is the reason why the difference of the inevitably non-symmetrical position of the hub flanges to the hub center is reduced by 7 mm. 
This ensures uniform spoke tension on both sides of the wheel. 

24.5 mm inside width 
Wide tires require a wide rim. Both should make a good match otherwise the tire tends to cant and does not instill confidence while riding. 

Rim flange with extra stability 
The unique ratio of outside and inside widths also adds extra stability, width and solidity to the wheel flange. Bottoming – the enemy of any light-weight rim – need no longer be dreaded and so the life of the MCFK carbon rims is extended. 

Laminated spoke holes 
Another very important advantage of this rim is the pre-compacted, laminated spoke holes, which are not drilled. This means no cutting of fibers, no limitation of spoke tension and therefore even more stability for the wheels. 
Besides, it gives the rim reliable protection from spoke tear-out in the case of a fall. You simply have to replace a couple of spokes but never the complete wheel. 

Preformed ball head nipple tip 
To ensure a perfect fit of the nipples in the rim, they need the right nipple seat. Because MCFK does not drill the spoke holes but compress and laminate them, they can shape a perfect ball head in the rim. 

Tubeless-type rim well 
The days of „good-weather“ hoses are numbered. With the specially shaped rim well you can use any kind of tire. MCFK most of all recommends the tubeless(-ready) models. 

4mm deep well 
To enable you to change tires without a tool as far as possible, MCFK has made the deep well extra strong so you need less power and go easy on the material when mounting the tire. 

Weight: 365 grams in 29“ 
The grand total of all parameters: the weight, stunning 365 grams. 
The combination of outstanding stiffness, innumerable detail solutions and the lowest weight makes our rim what it is: the best one for fast and light-weight bikes.

- Material: carbon prepeg
- Finish: UD matte
- Type: clincher
- Asymmetric: 3.5mm 
- Outside width: 35mm
- Inner width: 25mm
- Tire: tubeless, tubeless ready
- Holes: 28

- Finish: carbon UD matte
- Max. right weight: 125kg
- Weight: 365gr