ESI Fit XC grips

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24,90 €


24,90 €


24,90 €
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Fit XC grips is a Chunky/Extra Chunky mix

ESI new fit grips are designed for a completely natural hand position on your handlebar. The new design balances the pressure that your hands exert onto the handlebards, increasing bar control dramatically.
Fit grips have 3 distinct areas:
-inner: this area is the perfect step up for your hands to rest against for maximum bar control in turns 
-middle: this area is perfect for extra torque and powering while climbing
-outer: this thickest area is for better hand comfort, especially while descending 

Each area of the fit grip flows flawlessly into each other creating the perfect hand placement naturally. Your hands instantly feel comfort when they grasp their unique shape, as if they were exclusively molded for your hands.

Weight: 65gr the pair
End plugs are supplied