MCFK Road carbon rim (55mm - disc)

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UD - matte coating

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The target of the development was nothing less than providing the best rim for fast and light-weight bikes. Nothing but the best. 
For this purpose, MCFK matched every parameter, every detail of the rim meticulously and did their utmost to develop the very finest for you. 

Carbon for the rim 
In contrast with aluminium, the advantage of carbon is that it stays in form. Thus, recentering, height and lateral runouts are things of the past. Once spoked properly, the wheel will not change shape or run. 

Multiple layer design 
No two types of carbon are alike. The layer design is the decisive aspect – the orientation of the fiber is the most important thing in any part made of carbon. For this reason, MCFK uses a complex mixture of fabric and unidirectional (UD) layers which are positioned exactly in the right direction to ensure that they get the best performance of the material and leave no potential unused. 

Monocoque design 
Avoiding weak points was one of the central focal points in the development. Whereas our competitors make the rim by bonding several parts together, this rim is laminated of a single piece and cured. This involves a higher input of time and effort and requires extensive know-how but adds stability, saves weight and produces a homogeneous rim. 

26.5 mm outside width 
The wider the rim profile, the better the lateral stiffness of the rim. 
The wide rim profile ensures outstanding stiffness levels of runner wheels in this weight category. Force transmission with no force loss– you will feel it, e.g. when riding out of the saddle. 

55 mm height 
The height of the rim profile decides the radial stiffness. Radial loads to which the rim is exposed on uneven ground, by bumps or bottoming are reduced by a high profile. The load on the spokes is hardly reduced, which increases the life of the structure directly. Our rims with 55mm height are the perfect compromise of stiffness, aerodynamic design and weight. Agility is retained and excellent rolling properties ensured. 

3.5 mm asymmetry 
3.5 mm asymmetry are responsible that the difference hub flanges, whose position to the hub center is obviously asymmetrical, is reduced by 7 mm. 
The lateral spoke angle and the spoke tension on the right and the left side are adjusted by the asymmetry. Stiffness and life profit from this geometrical intervention. 

18 mm inside width 
Ideal for racing tires and cross tires with a width between 23 and 35mm. Hooks laminated in the inside flank efficiently prevent the tire from coming off the rim at high pressures or in tubeless application. 

Laminated spoke holes 
Another important advantage of the rims is the pre-compressed laminated spoke holes, which are not drilled – this means no fibers are cut through, which adds even more stability to the runner wheels. Besides, it protects the rim from spoke strip. 

Preformed ball-head nipple seats 
To ensure a perfect fit on the nipples in the rim you need the right nipple seat. The nipple seats in our rims are preformed, compressed and adapted specifically to the nipple geometry of Sapim and DT Swiss nipples. 

For tubeless tires 
The advantages of the tubeless technology can now be exploited to the full. Lower inflation pressure provides better grip, traction, comfort and riding pleasure. The rolling resistance is reduced and propulsion guaranteed. Our rim base is suitable for tubeless ties of all common makes. 

Integrated valve design 
A special design at the valve seat makes the valve head “disappear“. This technology has been developed specially for the application with tubeless tires. This makes mounting the tire with pre-installed valve a lot easier. Even non-tubeless tires are easier to fit. 

Disc only 
By dismissing the brake flanks we are moving with the times. The future of deceleration in cycle racing and cross-country events belongs to the disc brake. No heat is transferred, for example, on long, steep downhill tracks – safety profits. Scraping noise and reduced braking in rain and muddy ground are things of the past. The rime does not wear and you can enjoy it for a long time. 

Weight: from 450 grams 
The grand total of all parameters: the weight, stunning 460 grams. 
The combination of outstanding stiffness, innumerable detail solutions and the lowest weight makes our rim what it is: the best one for fast and light-weight bikes.

- Material: carbon prepeg
- Finish: UD matte
- Type: clincher
- Asymmetric: 3.5mm 
- Outside width: 26.5mm
- Inner width: 18mm
- Tire: tubeless, tubeless ready, folding
- Holes: 24

- Finish:  carbon UD matte
- Max. right weight: 125kgs
- Weight: 450gr