Aerolite Alpha Road pedals

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Aerolite pedals


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The “Alpha”Tin process for AeroLite Pedals Physical Vapor Deposit “PVD" is a chemical technology that is applied in a vacuum under extreme heat at 800 degrees. Aerolite sends the AeroLite titanium 6V4A aircraft grade CNC machined spindle to a chemical laboratory. They put the parts in a vacuum kiln,setting the heat to: operating temperature,then inject a chemical, Titanium Nitride in vapor form.This coats the part with one micron of “tin”  giving a strong Gold color to the surface and the vapor coating is: 10X harder than the base ti.metal. Allowing the part to cool first then brought back to 800 degrees a different chemical, Zirconium ZrN is vaporized and injected into the heated vacuum module adding 1-2 microns of ZrN, changing the color to a rich Gold hue. Now adding: 40X the surface hardness,filling any machine marks to a Ultra smooth finish.This last operation is called”Alpha

  • Road model: Turcite bearings with standard length spindles for a regular Qfactor
  • At 71gr per pair, the Aerolite pedals are the lightest in the world, and cleats are also very light: 40gr per pair only!!
  • They are the strongest pedals available, they have been measured to 3620 pounds (1640kgs) in a shear test. No rider weight limit.
  • The lowest bearing friction is provided by the Turcite bearing.
  • They have the safest exit method by foot supination, a natural ankle motion.
  • Cleats are supplied (for 3 holes shoes)
  • Aerolite pedals have no rotational float

In 1979, Roger Sanders, a physician’s assistant had purchased a tandem bicycle with the thought that his nine year old daughter would ride with him. However, he had a concern about her using the popular toe clip and strap connection to the pedals. In his work, he had seen the aftereffects of accidents where the bicycle riders couldn’t release from the pedals, causing significant injury.

With his desire and concern for his daughter’s safety, he designed the AeroLite clipless pedal system, consisting of a simple cylinder with a clip that wraps 304 degrees around it. Pulling straight up on the cleat, while pedaling engages the whole surface of the clip, requiring a pull of over 1300 pounds (600kgs) to release. With a natural rotation outward rotation of the ankle (supination), the clip is released a little at a time and the foot rolls off the pedal easily and naturally.

AeroLite pedals have technically evolved to today’s model, the lightest, strongest, lowest friction, and most importantly, the safest naturally releasing pedal on the market.

AeroLite products are made in the USA, totally of American materials. From the printing on the box, to the machining of the titanium spindles, everything is accomplished by American knowledge, labor and materials.


At a mere 34 grams each (approximately 1.2 oz) of rotating weight, Lite pedals by AeroLite use less physical energy. The pedal is constructed of aerospace grade titanium 6A-4V, and Turcite®. The bearing surface is then  hand finished. This pedal is also the strongest on the market.

The  cleat is designed of DuPont Zytel® ST nylon and is formed to wrap around the pedal with a maximum of 1320 pounds (600kgs) of tension to keep you attached to the pedal until you are ready  to get out. When you want out, just lift the inside edge of your foot  and you are out.

When the cleat and pedal are placed together, they are still the lightest on the market. In addition to being lighter than any other pedal on the market, they cost less.