Alugear chainring set 2x12s for Shimano crankset (Dura Ace/Ultegra)

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50x34 - Black

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50x34 - Red


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52x36 - Black


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52x36 - Red


132,00 €
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The original AERO design ALUGEAR chainring 2-speed



  •  Intended use: 2×12 speed for Road and Time Trial bike
  •  Weights: 50 teeth – 112g; 52 teeth – 127g; 54 teeth - 143g; 34 teeth – 26g; 36 teeth – 29g; 40 teeth – 40g
  •  Optimum chainrings combinations: 50-34; 52-36; 54-40
  •  Bolt circle diameter: 110 mm Shimano Asymmetric
  •  Attachment: 4-arm spider
  •  Material: Aluminum 7075-T6
  •  Made: CNC milling
  •  Surface coating: Anodizing


Delivery includes: 1x outer chainring, 1x inner chainring.

Aero cover, nuts and bolts are not supplied. If you need the Cover + bolts, you can order them here:



  •  For Shimano 2×12 speed cranks with 110 mm Asymmetrical bolt circle diameter (4-arms): FC-R7100; FC-R8100 (P); FC-R9200 (P)
  •  The chainrings are compatible with 12-speed cranks FC-R8100-P; FC-R9200-P with Original PowerMeter
  •  Compatible chains: 12sp Shimano, 12sp KMC chains



ALUGEAR chainrings are some of the lightest chainrings on the market. Using their experience and vigorous testing, they tweaked the arm design and strategically machined the chainrings so that only minimal sacrifices were made in impact strength in exchange for large gains in weight reduction

With special tooth profiles, mount and climbing aids allow chainrings a particularly soft and fast switching. So with them a shift under load easily. The chainrings have been specially tuned by climbing aids and can only achieve their superior shifting performance in the combinations provided by Alugear

The chainrings are CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and hard coat industrially anodized to provide protection from mechanical impacts, a good look, and an excellent tactile feel to each of the chainrings that lasts a long time
A unique tooth profile eliminates chain noise, reduces wear, and provides smooth operation on the entire system of all the most common combinations of drive trains

The tooth profile is specially designed for use with Road chains

ALUGEAR chainrings are the best choice if you are looking for a technologically sound chainring with a unique design and low weight



  •  For the best appearance, you may use ALUGEAR AERO COVER (Ultegra R8100, R8100-P or Dura-Ace R9200, R9200-P cranks)
  •  Also, you may use ALUGEAR chainring bolts and nuts for mounting: 7mm nuts and 6,5mm bolts are required
  •  It is also a good idea to use a new chain with your new ALUGEAR chainrings
  •  It is recommended to use a well-lubricated chain on every ride
  •  Alugear recommends using the optimal Alugear 2-speed chainrings combination
  •  The correct operation of the double set is guaranteed only when using Alugear outer and inner chainrings together