Extralite GR-46 HyperSaddle

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499,00 €
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HyperSaddle GR-46  46gr
Minimal mass, maximum confort

-Material: Toray carbon
-Rails: oval 6x7.7mm
-Weight: 46gr
-Use: road, gravel, urban
-Finish: polished natural carbon with embossed logo, dimpled surface with holes
-Developed by Extralite and Gelu
-Its exceptional hi-tech construction allows a comfortable flexibility at the wide areas that support ischial bones
-Generously dimensioned, fits most body and bones structures, up to 90kg riders
-The central open area fully relieves pressure at the perineal area
-One of the most comfortable and efficient saddle available today, that looks very cool too!
-100% made in the UE